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First car on the Old School Register is coming from South London in... England. But I let the owner of this awesome car comment his work and the history behind this work of art. So here it is.

My car has been in Volksworld in '97 and also in SuperVW at around the same time. It was won best Old school at the No Worries Beetle bash '96 (up against a couple of U.S cars that were bought over for the show).

I purchased the car back in 1992 from a school head master living near the south coast of England. Before that it was owned and showed by Rod Hendon during the late 80's. The car was painted white with blue striped on the rear, 1776cc engine and original EMPI 5 spoke split rims.

Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg

After I purchased the car I changed the colour to mat pale blue and the front wings to upright (us spec) versions. I drove the car for a couple of years like this then started the total restoration.

The body was split from to pan and bare metal'd before being shipped off to "the paintbox" for the "jaguar Regency red" paint. The floor pan was restored in my lockup garage. All parts are either New or restored on the floor. Then the task of fitting the body back to the floor. At this stage the car was still running the original 1776cc motor that I bought it with and the Empi 5 spokes.

The interior has been retrimed by "Bernard Newbury" with the black and gray dog tooth check. other interior parts include : Speedwell steering wheel, Empi gauges, door pulls, glove box pull, wooden door lock pulls, a set of TOTAL harnesses, Flat 4 eliminator shifter, Period radio, and rear pop outs.

Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg

Exterior is dechromed, lowered at the front with sway-a-ways, stock high on the rear, heavy duty anti roll bar on the front and a camber compensator on the rear. Burg engine mounts, Burg engine brace. The rear valance is removable. The headlight are hella sealed units with lucas flat lens indicators mounted were the horn grills were. The uprights on the "T" bars are hexagonal.

The engine was rebuilt a couple of years ago. It is still a 1776cc but with 044 mag heads, ported/polished, 3 angle value job (I can't remember the valve size at the moment, but I will let your know), Rimco rods, Burg full flow oil system, Straight cut cam, Chevy valve springs, 042 Berg special cards, 1 1/2 Bugpack merged header, Stinger electric ignition system.(EST 150BHP). Gearbox has close 3rd and 4th, a super diff and heavy duty side plates.

I changed the wheels to NWS BRM's because I didn't want to break the Empi's running my new engine. Tires are 195/70/15 on the rear and 135/15 on the front.

Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg Jason Mc Creery '67.jpg

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