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VW SHOP always played an important role in VW trend expansion... So, I thought that a little section on my website devoted to the industry would be a great idea...

Of course, some old well known VW Shops and distributors are thanksfully always in the business today. That's a great thing as the good old days spirit still lives today thanks to their hard work. Talk about Gene BERG, F.A.T., SCAT, FLAT 4 of Japan... These innovators still play an important part in today's market.

I will try to show these first kind of VW Shops...

Unfortunately, some died. The biggest being without a doubt the late AUTO HAUS who was specialized in VW accessories of all kinds. So, I plan to add a second section part devoted to this particular shop.

And of course, some new VW Speed Shop try to renew with the 70s feelings and tradition. That's a great thing too. So expect some words about some guys who got the nostalgia feeling and decided to open their own small VW Shop, particulary here in Europe...

The Flat-4 of Japan section is the only worked one, but I will try to update soon... So keep posted, as usual.

Pour les francophones... Si vous voulez que votre Speed Shop apparaisse ici, un ptit email, et on voit ce qu'on peut faire ensemble...

Choose your fav's shop...
 Flat 4 Headquarters of JAPAN

 SCAT of California
Coming soon

 Gene BERG of California
Coming soon

 F.A.T. of California
Coming soon

 AUTO HAUS of California
Coming soon

 B.F.Y. of California
Coming soon


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